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Articles - What to do and What Not to Do when Leading Teams

When you becomes a leader, can be a manager in an organization or a supervisor in the mines, you always have the responsibility of facilitating a group of people. These people are dependant on you and look up to you for decisions and facilitation. This is where your role as a leader comes into picture and you need to act wisely. In this article I would like to explain some things which you should do and should not do when leading groups and teams.

1. Get into your teams given tasks only when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise do not mingle with things which are assigned to them.
2. Help yourself to control your attention given to various team members. You should not concentrate on just one person.
3. Trust building is very important and that should be done by you among yourself and team and within the team
4. When you have to take a measure on someone, do it in an environment which is safe. Not in front of everybody.
5. Do not go into too much of details when create confusions.
6. Every circumstance should be considered differently and no comparison should be done.

1. Never take anything personally. This will hamper your performance.
2. Never try to improve people in your team personally. This can create ripples and bad will for you.
3. Always suggest things to people never command.
4. Never overlook any issue or problem. Try to solve it smoothly.
5. Follow the rules you create. This will build more trust.
6. Never consider your team members as your workers. Consider their feelings and behave accordingly.

All these points above a summary for what you should do and should not do when you are leader and managing a team. If you want to learn more about these values you can visit the Complexity Society on and get an invitation to enroll in one of their very famous leadership courses.